Though the A.P. Belt wasn’t introduced to consumers until late 2004, there are already dozens of top NCAA tennis teams currently using the A.P. Belt program, ATP touring pros ranked in the top ten, along with thousands of developing players of all ages and levels of play.

NCAA Div I Men's Teams NCAA Div I Women's Teams
Ohio State Tennessee
USC Clemson
Baylor LSU
Pepperdine Kentucky
Clemson Illinois
Florida Pepperdine
Kentucky Arkansas
Louisville Indiana
Boise State Michigan State
North Carolina State North Carolina State
Indiana Virginia Tech
Mississippi Texas / El Paso
Louisiana/Lafayette Mississippi
Portland Kansas State
Charleston Southern Ball State
U.S. Military Academy Massachusette / Amherst
Colorado Louisiana / Lafayette

"A major breakthrough for developing tennis athletes"

Mary Carillo | TV Commentator

"I’ve seen how this program unleashes athletic potential. The results are so powerful and convincing that the A.P. Belt Training System is now a primary component of all our programs at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy"

Nick Bollettieri | Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy

"The A.P. Belts have already paid for themselves. The team members are staying down through their shots and it has helped build confidence. Clemson men's tennis will be able to compete at a higher level with the help of the AP Belt."

Chuck Kriese | Tennis Coach | Clemson University

From the father of an 11 year old boy who recently experienced the A.P. Belt Training System transformation:

A.P. Belt not only changes the way David moves when he’s wearing it, but he now thinks about his posture and movement when playing without the belt on. Several times during his last tournaments, he would adjust his stance and I could see him working hard at lowering his center of gravity and getting his weight more on the balls of his feet.

Another big change in David’s game has been his reaction time and he’s quicker to hit and recover than before. He feels that he can get to any ball, which helped him a lot in a couple of tight matches. He chased down some tough shots and his opponents were incredulous. I think it took some of the steam out of their game. His movement is phenomenal. Some of the adults who watched him ‘before’ and ‘after’ have marveled at the difference. He is rarely out of position. Overall, he is now playing with confidence...”

Arthur Friedman | Houston, Texas

“I started training in the A.P. Belt last year during my off season in preparation for the new season and the Australian open. Since that time my ranking has gone from in the 300's to currently #67 on the WTA tour. While it is a grinding workout, I was surprised how it was really so much fun, especially with my IPOD.

This belt really helped me with my strength, endurance, balance and explosiveness. My legs got stronger because the belt makes you stay very low, improving my footwork. My endurance and fitness improved because of all the interval repetitions.

Once you improve your strength and endurance, you can focus more on your game and stroke technique. It helps you work your feet more to find the right balance when you are hitting the ball and build recovery into the folowthrough out wide. Staying down and compact with the legs makes me much more explosive and quick. When you take the belt off, you feel very light and fast. If you are determined to play at the top level, you don’t want to be training without it!"

Jarka Gajdosova | WTA Tour #69
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