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  • A.P. Belt - Our patented resistance-feedback technology accelerates habit development by rewarding knee bend and playing with a lower center of gravity during training.
    A.P Belt with expanded belt size options to
    accommodate a broader range of sizes

  • Quicker, More Powerful Tennis in 30 Days" DVD -
    A 90 minute exploration of all you need to know and the techniques you need to learn to become a movement specialist and better athlete on the court.

  • Leverage Band - Great training device for developing more power, control and spin in your strokes

  • Dog Sled - Two-person resistance training device which helps players how to use momentum to their advantage for quicker reaction and multi-directional acceleration.

  • "30 Minutes for 30 Days" - Interval training
    regimens and on-court training guide

    ($19.99 Value) Instant download free with purchase
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