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"Quicker, More Powerful Tennis in 30 Days" is a comprehensive exploration of all the components and tools of the A.P. Belt Training System. We teach you everything you need to know, demonstrate the training methods for developing the athletic techniques required, to become a "movement specialist" and better tennis athlete.

There are 6 training modules including:
  • Developing your Athletic Foundation
  • Stroke Habit Development
  • Reaction and Acceleration
  • Power, Control and Consistency
  • Expanding Range of Coverage and Recovery
  • Expand your Weapon Arsenal
Each module consists of 5 days of training, each day devoted to a unique theme. Beyond the 30 minute interval workouts and theme specific drills and exercises for each day, we also provide workouts for A.P. Belt training with your IPOD against a backboard and “Shadow Tennis” precision exercises for off court.
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